What of it?

May 15, 2012

Blogs seem to mark certain periods of my life.

LJ was my first (but not only). Being the typical quiet Asian, I attempted to fit in with my socially cool and hip classmates in Year 8. The flexibility of LJ also allowed me to further explore my interest in HTML and CSS.
However, this relationship didn’t last long, and it wasn’t until Year 12 that we reconnected again.

At the same time, I also flirted with Blogger, but mainly for creative reasons.

When I began university, I met Posterous but I quickly lost interest.

I was introduced to Twitter by some friends but that was also somewhat mundane.

Last year, Blogger came into my life again but for it was strictly business and I never went back to it again.

Twitter is still an old friend and comes by every now and then for tea.

Now, I am beginning a life with WordPress while I am sojourning in Japan.

It is always exciting to get use to something new, but I do feel that WordPress restricts me on some customisations…

Whether good or bad, I should get writing (: